Harry Potter and The Philosopher’s Stone by JK Rowling – Book Review

I read Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone right now, in 2019. After many, many years of constant persuasion by family and friends, I finally picked it up. And I found it to be just incredible despite of being aware of all the hype around it and having watched some bits of it from the movies.

I remember, I first picked it up in the eighth grade immediately after reading the Lord of the Rings but I dismissed it then as being too kiddish. Silly of me to judge it so quickly. Well, never too late because now I can not only appreciate the story, but also the writing.

I was left amazed by the writing as the characters in this book develop not so much because of streams of consciousness but because of the movement in the plot itself and that’s an incredible skill. 

I think as we get old, we tend to get more jaded and become more of a “muggle” so this book basically reaffirms your belief in the power of magic and imagination, which we tend to lose over time. 

Finally, if you have ever lived inside another world in your head, if you have ever believed even in a hint of magic and if you really, really care about great stories and still haven’t read these books, go unmuggle yourself right away, like I have.

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